Meet the Authors

Dr Peter Powell is a registered psychologist and a minister of the Uniting Church in Australia. Currently the Executive Director of the Pastoral Counselling Institute, Dr Powell’s specialty in learning and behaviour difficulties arises from his family history. In his counselling practice he works with many families who present with difficulties because of these disorders and as a result, has developed the Raising Difficult Children program to assist both parents and professionals.

He has pioneered work in behaviour management for adults with AD/HD, particularly for couples where AD/HD type behaviour has an impact on their relationship. He is currently working on the issue of adult AD/HD and Differential Diagnosis, exploring the ways in which unrecognised AD/HD undermines traditional counselling approaches.

Brenda Inglis-Powell is the Group Program Coordinator for the Pastoral Counselling Institute and co-author of Raising Difficult Children. Brenda’s background in business, both in Australia and overseas, as well as experience in group dynamics brings a practical focus to the program. Having raised two sons has added to her skills in developing effective and workable strategies for living with learning and social difficulties.

Brenda and Peter have a commitment to helping parents become confident in their parenting, so that as many children as possible reach their full potential. They conduct lectures, seminars and workshops throughout Australia, often sharing their own struggles and experiences.