It is once again a pleasure to review this book which contains so much wisdom and experience formatted in such a practical and down to earth manner. The book emphasizes both sides of the story, that of the child and that of the parent.

Peter and Brenda Powell offer a challenging but clear and structured approach to many a struggling parent and teacher. This book will remain a great resource in many family and professional libraries for the insight offered into the nature of some special children as well as the detailed strategies outlined for realistic management.

Dr Paul Tait
Consultant Paediatrician Westmead, Australia.

Paul WhitingI have read the new edition of Raising Difficult Children with a great deal of pleasure, because it is so easy to follow, and so intensely practical. Of course it recognises the results of research, but it puts those results into practice where parents and teachers are in reality. The text is frequently punctuated with examples and plans that we can immediately relate to, or that are so like our own situation that we can easily transfer the principles.

A book like this could only be written by people like Peter and Brenda Powell – Peter who grew up as a difficult child (and succeeded) and then with Brenda faced the challenge of raising difficult children. Readers will refer to this book again and again as they determine to accept that “Parenting is Hard Work” (as the opening chapter declares) and make the commitment to invest that hard work in the lives of the children for whom they have responsibility. The result will be rewarding for both adult and child.

Dr Paul Whiting
President Emeritus, The Specific Learning Difficulties Association of NSW
Former Senior Lecturer and Head of the Children’s Centre at the University of Sydney.

Long time conference favourites Peter & Brenda Powell present a behaviour management manual that is easy to read, practical, light hearted. Chapter Key Notes summarise and highlight quick fix strategies. A must for ADHD families but essential reading for all parents- young and older – it’s never too late to change household rules and routines. Like their conferences this book is sprinkled liberally with diamonds of insight and wisdom which have the potential to change the way parents and families relate.

Julie Appleton
President, Hyperactivity Attention Deficit Assn (NSW) Inc.

As a counsellor and trainer of counsellors I am constantly looking for pragmatic information provided by experienced, well researched writers who understand the audience they are writing for. When writers combine personal experience with clinical insight, “I want to listen“. Raising difficult Children is exactly this type of book.

The acknowledgement of how stressful difficult children can be on parents, the invitation to see past a child’s behaviour to the underlying emotions, putting context around child development and the interplay family has on children, helps the reader to soften towards difficult kids, and gives the reader tools to begin to intervene with smart, relationally based parenting. This book invites the reader into the inner world of a difficult kid, the inner world of the parent and the courage it takes to walk this journey. Peter and Brenda are master guides for this journey.

Neil Harris
Deputy Director Morling College Counselling School Sydney, Australia

Raising Difficult Children is a very readable book that provides practical strategies, real life examples and sound information to deal with the challenging behaviours exhibited by some children.

The book helps parents to recognise the uniqueness of each child and to develop confidence in their own parenting skills. I have observed parents who have used the strategies given in this book to “be the parent” and be pro-active in their parenting, change the whole family dynamics to the benefit of the individual child, the family and others involved with the family. “Raising Difficult Children” acknowledges that parenting can be extremely hard work but reminds us that assisting a child to reach their individual potential is the most rewarding role a parent or a community can have.

Judy Blackman
Respite Care Officer Mudgee Council

This book offers help to parents who are struggling with their child’s behaviour on a daily basis. It clearly addresses ways to manage the behaviour in a practical and guilt free manner. It encourages parents to be consistent with their discipline and provides strategies which have been shown to help. It offers hope to parents that their child can learn to manage the behaviours and join in the normal activities of school and leisure.

Barbara Adair
Manager Parent Line (NSW) a 24 hr helpline for all parents.