Mardi’s Story: Messages of hope

Mardi’s story

My earliest memories of being different from others would be in my early primary school years. My friendships were very unstable due to my low self-esteem. One day I would have a friend and be very happy, the next day I would come home crying to Mum because I had no friends and no one liked me. I began to dislike school because I felt so lonely and unloved there. There is nothing that can describe how lonely and self-conscious I felt at school then. I didn’t have a sixth grade buddy or a high school friend. No one was there to make me feel special or like I was really needed.

My learning disabilities became more and more apparent as I went through primary school. One night my father went over my three times tables with me. I knew them that night. The next morning my father asked me: ‘3 x 9′ and I answered ’29’. I can still remember vividly the frustration on his face. There were many instances such as this, and I thought my father would have learned the first time that I just couldn’t remember things.

In my school reports I only ever got C’s and D’s. I found this very frustrating because I tried and tried but still did not achieve. My teachers would always reply, ‘Try harder, Mardi’, but they did not seem to understand that I had tried my best.

Mardi’s story continues throughout the book. Now a teacher, wife and mother Mardi shares her story from three different times in her life. It’s a great message of hope.