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Adults, you are not alone

It is not surprising that children with learning difficulties, including those with a difficult temperament, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and other associated disorders are at greater risk of growing up with low self-esteem, inadequate communication skills, a high level of frustration and greater interpersonal vulnerability.

The presenting issue may be addiction, a failing marriage or the inability to achieve at work. The difficult temperamental issues experienced as a child, more often than not, continue into adulthood. Many scenarios such as interpersonal conflict, impulsive behaviour, volatile verbal outbursts, the inability to communicate and lack of organisation can present as relationship issues.

A closer examination of the deep-seated feelings of the adult may reveal chronic symptoms, often reported as having been present since childhood.

The inability to set priorities, a sense of being left out of social processes, distractibility that causes chaos and disorganisation, poor peer relationships, trouble keeping diary appointments and shame coupled with low self esteem, have often been part of the adultĀ  since early childhood.

Areas such as alcohol and drug abuse, violence, poor relationship skills, poor parenting skills, depression, anxiety and work-related difficulties are still not fully appreciated by many helping professions. A sensitive investigation of these feelings will usually reveal an adult who has a continual vague sense of failure, and a keen sense of not having achieved to potential. The adult may well be quite intelligent but the frustration of communication and organisation can become so difficult it is easier to give up.

Counsellors at theĀ Pastoral Counselling Institute have experienced this type of issue behaviour and are willing to assist you.